Borders: Revitalization of Fort Wayne

(Tri-State Watershed Alliance)

Journalist Ron Bernthal recently visited Northeast Indiana to learn about its downtown development, arts and architecture. He wrote “Fort Wayne Journal: Downtown revitalization projects bring tourism and new business to Northeast Indiana for, highlighting several key Fort Wayne developments that support downtown’s growth, including Parkview Field, Ash Skyline Plaza, Superior Lofts and Electric Works. Ron praises Fort Wayne by writing that the city’s “economic and cultural resurgence is helping the rebirth of the entire Northeast Indiana region.”

His three-part radio segment, “Borders: Revitalization of Fort Wayne” for public radio station WJFF in New York includes some great details on the revitalization of Fort Wayne from Kirk Moriarty of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. and Dan Wire of the Tri-State Watershed Alliance. Ron starts the segment mentioning how multiple Indiana towns and cities are growing, but Fort Wayne has set itself apart, saying, “with its intensive public-private fundraising efforts and cooperative spirit, Fort Wayne seems to be running on double speed.”

Part two includes an audio segment from Arts United’s Miriam Morgan, who describes Louis Kahn’s designs of the center and how they play with natural light. Ron also interviews Robert Roethemeyer, VP of Strategic Planning for Concordia Theological Seminary, who discusses Eero Saarinen’s triangle-centered design elements at the seminary.

Part three of the series is currently unavailable.


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