What We Do

  • Services
    • Speakers Bureau
      • CEO lunch groups
      • economic development groups
      • neighborhood organizations4Rs
    • Promote the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program
    • Organize riverine and watershed efforts
      • Water quality monitoring
      • Invasive species removal
      • River clean-up activities
    • Provide education to general public through informational signage, news links, social media, and events
    • Develop and/or support watershed management plan implementation (St. Joseph, St. Marys and Upper Maumee Rivers)
    • Develop blueway trails and river access points (in partnership with Northeast Indiana Water Trails)
  • Outreach and Educational Events
    • “On the Water” experiences such as Day at the Bay in Lake Erie, pontoon rides at various northeast Indiana locations, and river events in Defiance, Ohio
    • Connecting Communities to Conservation (funded by Clean Water Indiana)
    • Stakeholder focus group meetingsRiverSummit_2015Logo
    • Workshops and field days
    • WLEB ag retailer cover crop meeting (sponsored by Conservation Technology Information Center – CTIC)
    • Promoting nutrient reduction in the WLEB (funded by a USDA/NRCS Contribution Agreement)
    • River Summit 2015
    • River Summit 2011



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